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Emergency transfer of five bears

Emergency transfer of five bears in Ukraine

FOUR PAWS takes in animals from partner organisation in Kyiv region


Vienna/Domazhyr, 5 March 2022 – Early evening five bears arrived safe and sound in BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr in western Ukraine after a 24-hour trip across half of Ukraine. The animals were transferred by an external transport agency organised by White Rock Shelter in Kyiv region, where the situation got increasingly dangerous in recent days. The two female and one male bear, and two cubs are in good health and are now being taken care of by the experienced team of the BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr, who remain side by side with all the animals in their care during these difficult times.

The transport of the five bears was carried out by a local company after the transfer of the animals was inevitable. The team of White Rock asked FOUR PAWS for urgent help to temporarily take in the bears. On Friday evening the truck with male brown bear Synochok, female Himalayan-brown bear Chada, female Himalayan-black bear Malvina and two cubs, drove off near the capitol Kyiv to western Ukraine. During the drive the truck with the animals, who were kept in species appropriate crates had to pause several times due to road checkpoints.

“They arrived early in the evening after a long and exhausting trip. Given the circumstances the bears look fine and they are healthy. We have prepared everything for their arrival and they will receive the care that they need by our experienced team.”

Michael Kellner, international press officer at FOUR PAWS

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FOUR PAWS already worked with White Rock Shelter in the past. In May 2021, five bear cubs were rescued by local NGO Save Wild Fund from a contact zoo and were brought to White Rock Shelter. FOUR PAWS took over and rehomed three of those bear cubs in July 2021 at BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr. Now, the remaining two cubs are the ones that arrived today and will stay until a permanent solution can be found.

Bear at Domazhyr

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