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Fire Training at LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary

LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary Staff Tames the Heat

Key members of our kitchen and waitering staff recently underwent fire prevention training


At LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary, safety and security is of utmost importance. This includes the safety and security of the various staff members that operate within the sanctuary and our guests that visit us for either a day or choose to spend the night.

In a bid to further enhance our safety efforts, key kitchen and waiter staff members recently underwent fire prevention training. This was undertaken to ensure that all that pass into the sanctuary are safe and secure, even when a fire emergency may arise.

The training was led by on-site Safety and Security Coordinator, Kyle Bryan Reeler. The training began with a theoretical segment in which valuable information was passed onto staff as to how to identify the different types of fires that may be encountered in the kitchen. Kyle explained, in detail, the imperative steps that would need to be taken when a fire occurs within the kitchen. This included the use of a fire blanket and the type of fire extinguishers that would be used depending on the nature of the fire.

The presentation also included videos on the behaviours of different forms of fires which included oil fires and flashover fires.

After the detailed presentation, the staff was led into the practical segment of the training – extinguishing a fire. In order to physically demonstrate what had been earlier discussed, instructor Kyle ignited a pot which contained fuel before taking the team through a series of checks to ensure that the fire equipment was in working order before approaching the fire.

Next, each staff member would now have to bravely employ all that they have learned from their training to identify, approach, and extinguish the fire in front of them. The process - each staff member had to stand next to the fire extinguishers as instructor Kyle ignited the fire. Each team member had to then explain their action as so that all that were present may be reaffirmed of what was required. Firstly, the pin would have to be pulled, secondly the handle of the extinguisher would have to be squeezed to ensure that the extinguisher was in working order, thirdly the fire would have to be approached with the staff member aiming the nozzle at the fire and then squeezing the handle and using a sweeping motion to extinguish the fire. This is known as the PASS method – Pull pin, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep side to side.

At the end of the training, the team were shown how to place an empty extinguisher once it has been used and how to identify when an extinguisher has been fully depleted.

This training was not only crucial on how to react when there is a fire emergency, but also how to effectively disarm the situation. This training was vital in ensuring the safety of all that visit LIONSROCK.